Rosie Shy is a London based songwriter performing on the London circuit and around the country including some festivals. She has been described as feisty, edgy and authentic. Her songs have been described as honest story telling from the heart and funny bone. Like most people her influences are diverse from Jane Siberry to Leonard Cohen to Bowie. Lately Rosie Shy has been getting much of her inspiration from some of the amazing songwriters she meets at gigs including women she has met at the Smart Women’s Recording Club and her favourite night Fearless Females. Recently completing a Masters degree in songwriting Rosie Shy is passionate about the importance of creativity in all our lives. After over 300 gigs in the last few years Rosie Shy has just written and produced her first album ‘Bursting out of a Bubble.’ She coaches and mentors people who have lost their creative spark or way. She is particularly interested in expanding on some of the workshops and one to one mentoring sessions she has been running over the last year.  Rosie Shy also teaches songwriting to people with mental health problems and she is also chair of the board of The Kaos Organisation. Rosie Shy will continue to play live and write songs as she explores and shares the benefits of a creative way of life.

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  1. Eve

    Love the site, Rosie. I worked for 10 years in a field allied to mental health providing arts activities to people with acquired brain injuries, personality disorders and mental health difficulties. Could provide you with plenty of info on the subject you could US for history of song. Xx

    1. judy abraham

      I have been enjoying your CD Bursting Out of a Bubble these last couple of days. It is such a beautiful CD laced with poignant and humourous lyrics navigating the human condition from apathy to heartbreak. I particularly love Apathy, Square Peg, Moving On, What If and Bursting out of a Bubble. You have a beautiful voice and a wonderful turn of phrase. I am so glad I bought this CD and I would recommend it to anyone. Thank you. Judy

  2. Bryan Morrison

    I’ve listened to the cd a few times and I really like it. However, my dear friend, Caroline, totally loved it and told me to pass that on. It’s an achievement, and well produced too.

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